Quail Lodge Sustainability & Health

Your health and safety is our primary concern. A 100% refund guarantee is in place if your travel plans are disrupted due to a Covid outbreak. We will gladly provide you a refund in full for your accommodation reservation or reschedule for another time.

You can be totally reassured that we make every endeavour to ensure that all steps have been undertaken to clean the lodge to the very highest standard. Masks and sanitizer are available in the lodge for your use.

We try to stock and use only NZ made biodegradable products throughout the property to minimize our carbon footprint.

Water is collected from the roof. This is double filtered and then run through a UV light. Very occasionally we may ask you to conserve water use, but this is rare.

Quail Lodge also has solar panels to minimize our draw on the national power grid, the waste water system is a bio cycle which requires the use of bio degradable products to be used and only toilet paper and human waste can to go down the toilet.

I also use a food cycler which turns our food waste into compost which after a few months is added to the vegetable garden. We have organic fruit and vegetables available at different times of the year, delicious in your breakfast or dinner.

Qualmark Approved Covid Clean

A magnificent two night stay.
Mike and I had a magnificent two night stay! We honestly can't think of enough words to thank you or to express the level of your hospitality, generosity and professionalism. Everything was 100% perfect. We couldn't have wished for better in any respect. Thank you so much. Hope to stay in touch. All the best." - Mr & Mrs Baragwanath