Welcome to the Quail Lodge Blog

As I sit here waiting for a tray of delicious Quail Lodge crackers to come out of the oven I think my first blog should be about food. There is nothing I love more than entertaining and giving my guests the very best of experiences. 

I love whipping up delicious treats whether it be yummy salads in the summer or something cooked low and slow in the winter to help warm the cockles of the heart. I have loved creating scrumptious home-cooked treats since I was a small child, my first memories of cooking are of baking sponge cakes at around the age of eight, they were very good and I soon became the queen of the family spongecake. I often create our favourite family recipes handed down through the generations, always sure winners in the tantalise the taste bud test!

My Mother and her Mother were outstanding cooks & hostesses so I am very lucky to have had exceptional role models to have given me a great start to my love of cooking. Basic skills are so often overlooked, but they truly are the foundations to greater dishes! 

I have also been busy readying Quail Lodge for the winter season, the garden is looking pretty good for this time of year & in a few short weeks the roses will be pruned. To me this is the start of the run towards Spring & longer, warmer days. 

I still have not quite come down from the high of winning the Bed & Breakfast Association Rising Star of The Year Award, to be judged at the top of your game by industry professionals is the best validation in my opinion you can have, with covid’s arrival it certainly was a very rocky start to Quail Lodge and winning this award really vindicated all the hard work that goes into starting a new business. 

Snuggle up and keep warm as we slide into the coldest part of the year. 

What it's like inside a luxury lodge.
The food: Breakfast is included, and as much of a gourmet affair as dinner, with options including whitebait fritters, a cooked breakfast with local bacon and sausages, and coddled eggs. I went for the fresh, seasonal fruit for starters ... As full as I was after the fruit, I still managed to shovel down my whitebait omelette. Golden and just the right amount of gooey on the inside with a very generous portion of the wee fish, it is, in my experience, a strong contender for Auckland’s best breakfast. "